After a number of enormous setbacks in his life, Rob Aalders decided to change course. He went to classes with different teachers and learned how he could make his money work for him Instead of the other way around. This has enabled him to become very successful with investing within three years. He became financially free.

This whole process has inspired him and he wants to give back. He wants to give you the tools you need to deal with setbacks in a better way and to become financially free.


Investment Coach

There's still a lot of fear in investing your money. We, at Rob Aalders Coaching find that unnecessary.

We can help you step by step in the process.

From Mindset to technique.

Business Coaching

You have a great idea for a concept, but You have NO IDEA how to implement it.

With coaching from Rob Aalders your concept will be better shapes en you'll get new clients and more income.


You've experienced something that keeps following you around.

It has an effect on everything, even your work and your happiness.

Rob Aalders is a trained NLP coach who will help you to where you want to be.

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